New Patient

Mr. Chiu is committed to providing his patients with excellent patient care and surgical outcomes. Having appropriate documentation readily available prior your appointment will assist efficiency and save your time on the day.

For new patient who has never attended his rooms before, please bring the following to the consultation appointment:

  • Referral letter
    • For your convenience, you may fax or email the referral letter to our office in advance
  • All X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans you have done, either in a film bag or on CD, relating to your condition
  • Reports of any tests or medical history relating to your condition, if applicable.

Please complete the online version of the Patient Registration Form. Alternatively, you may download the PDF version to complete it manually and bring it with you on the day of your appointment.

Please select the appropriate forms based on your situation. If you are unsure which forms to fill out, please kindly contact our office.


New Patient

趙駿醫生堅信於 提供優秀的病人護理和手術治療結果。在您預約看診之前提供適當的文件,可以提高當日看診的行政效率並更加善用您的時間。


  • 醫生轉介信
    • 為了您的方便,您可以提前傳真或郵件醫生轉介信至我們的診所。
  • 請攜帶所有關於您的病狀的X光照片、電腦斷層掃描 (CT Scan) 和核磁共振 (MRI) ,但需要是膠片或是光碟片方式。
  • 請攜帶關於您的病狀的測試報告或是醫療紀錄,如適用於您的情形 。

請線上填寫看診者個人資料表。或下載PDF 版本來填寫個人資料表,在初診當天一同攜帶資料表到診所。



New Patient

赵骏医生坚信于 提供优秀的病人护理和手术治疗结果。在您预约看诊之前提供适当的文件,可以提高当日看诊的行政效率并更加善用您的时间。


  • 医生转介信
    • 为了您的方便,您可以提前传真或邮件医生转介信至我们的诊所。
  • 请携带所有关于您的病状的X光照片、电脑断层扫描 (CT Scan)和核磁共振 (MRI) ,但需要是胶片或是光碟片方式。
  • 请携带关于您的病状的测试报告或是医疗纪录,如适用于您的情形 。

请线上填写看诊者个人资料表。或下载PDF 版本来填写个人资料表,在初诊当天一同携带资料表到诊所。




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