Telehealth consultations are now available at Melbourne Orthopaedic Centre, providing patients with more convenient and efficient access to healthcare. Telehealth consultations are suitable for elderly patients or patients who live in regional, rural or remote areas.

During your Telehealth consultation, you will be able to discuss your ongoing pain or symptoms that you are experiencing, or any other health concerns you might have. Mr. James Chiu will also discuss any imaging results with you. However, Telehealth services limit Mr. Chiu’s ability to perform a physical examination, which is an important part of orthopaedic evaluation when determining the most appropriate form of treatment for your musculoskeletal condition or injury. Therefore, you may be required to attend the appointment in person at a later time when it is safe and convenient for you.

Telehealth services include:

  1. Telephone consultation
  2. Videoconferencing
Pre Telehealth Appointment: How to prepare for Telehealth consultation

  1. Please ensure your referral is emailed or faxed to our rooms in advance.
    Fax: 03 8672 3311

  2. Please complete the online patient registration form prior to your appointment date.

  3. Please inform the rooms in advance which radiology clinic your ultrasound, X-rays, CT scans and/or MRI scans have been completed at, e.g. I-MED, Capital, Healthcare Imaging, etc



為了讓患者可以更便捷且有效地得到診療照護,墨爾本骨科中心(Melbourne Orthopaedic Centre)開始應用遠程醫療服務。遠程醫療適用於年老患者或是居住在非大都市區、郊區或偏遠地區的患者。

在進行遠程醫療問診時,您能夠討論自己正在經歷的疼痛問題或是症狀,也可以詢問您可能遇到的其他健康疑問,同時趙駿醫生Mr. James Chiu也會與您討論您的放射科檢測的診斷。但是,遠程醫療也限制了趙醫生能對患者進行臨床診察的程度,其親自觸診在骨科診療上,並決策出最適合患者肌肉骨骼疾病或損傷的治療方案時,佔有重要因素。因此,遠程醫療就診後,當您覺得安全並方便時,可能仍須親自回診。


  1. 電話就診
  2. 視訊就診

  1. 請確保提前將您的醫生轉介信,以電子郵件或傳真方式傳送至我們診所。
    傳真號碼: 03 8672 3311

  2. 請在您的預約門診的日期之前,填寫在線個人資料表格

  3. 請提前告知本診所您是在哪個醫療診所完成您的超音波、X光照片、電腦斷層掃描 (CT) 和/或核磁共振 (MRI),例如: I-MED、 Capital、Healthcare Imaging診所等。



为了让患者可以更便捷且有效地得到诊疗照护,墨尔本骨科中心(Melbourne Orthopaedic Centre)开始应用远程医疗服务。远程医疗适用于年老患者或是居住在非大都市区、郊区或偏远地区的患者。

在进行远程医疗问诊时,您能够讨论自己正在经历的疼痛问题或是症状,也可以询问您可能遇到的其他健康疑问,同时赵骏医生Mr. James Chiu也会与您讨论您的放射科检测的诊断。但是,远程医疗也限制了赵医生能对患者进行临床诊察的程度,其亲自触诊在骨科诊疗上,并决策出最适合患者肌肉骨骼疾病或损伤的治疗方案时,占有重要因素。因此,远程医疗就诊后,当您觉得安全并方便时,可能仍须亲自回诊。


  1. 电话就诊
  2. 视讯就诊

  1. 请确保提前将您的医生转介信,以电子邮件或传真方式传送至我们诊所。
    传真号码: 03 8672 3311

  2. 请在您的预约门诊的日期之前,填写在线个人资料表格

  3. 请提前告知本诊所您是在哪个医疗诊所完成您的超音波、X光照片、电脑断层扫描(CT) 和/或核磁共振(MRI),例如: I-MED、 Capital、Healthcare Imaging诊所等。

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